Impact of Recent Rains on Farming – Part II

Lessons from Mother Nature: The Importance of Microclimates and Spacing. Recently I wrote that the rains during flowering had an adverse affect on pollination and consequently this year’s production. To recap, olive trees are wind pollinated and when we have drenching rain, the pollen is either trapped in the flower […]


Impact of Recent Rains on Farming – Part 1

The impact of all of this rain on farming has been huge. Olive trees do not like wet feet and oh are their feet wet. Fortunately, our soil is sugar sand, noted for its ability to drain, but even so we are now after several months of rain experiencing ground […]

The Original Olive Leaf Tea

Olive Leaves, Another Product From the Bountiful Olive Tree

For centuries, olive trees have been valued for the medicinal properties of not only the fruit and oil, but also the leaves.  When I started my orchard in 1998, I read every article I could find about the virtues of olive oil.  In the process, I learned that the ancients […]